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ass much
11 September 2010 @ 12:10 pm
okok its been months and i dunno who is actually still active on this but i want to start using it again. im getting kinda sick of tumblr and the fact that EVERYONE is on it now. annoying. i like it here where i can post what i want without peoples judging eyes.

so, tonight im going to kildare with the girls from work.. should be interesting.
i think i'll miss the safety of dublin banter and my friends.

life in general is going ok though :)
ass much
21 May 2010 @ 02:29 am
i miss livejournal.

as lame as it sounds this is the place i got most of my shit off my chest and it felt damn' good.
i actually havn't posted here in months. for shame.
ass much
27 April 2009 @ 09:59 pm

comment to be added bb's ;)